Will S23 Be Better Than S22? Learn to Make Your Decision!

Will S23 Be Better Than S22? Learn to Make Your Decision!

As the Samsung s22 series has been in the market, the s23 is making its way to launch on February 1, 2023. You must be excited to know all the upgrades that have been done in the new Samsung Galaxy S23, Galaxy S23+, and Galaxy S23 Ultra. We are here to tell you what is expected of this new series and what accessories we are providing for your coming new phone.

The most important question trending right now is if you should wait for the s23 rather than buy the s22 and for what reasons you should make your decision. Will there be enough upgraded features in the Samsung galaxy s23 series to be worth the wait? Learn about the expected specifications coming with the s23 series to know what the best decision will be.

Until now, Samsung hasn’t announced the specific features that are coming in the s23 series but due to the traditional Samsung galaxy series upgrades and some leaked information, we have collected some data to know what will be expected.

Expected Upgraded Features And Specifications:

  • Camera Design

It is expected that the camera of the s23 series will be designed differently than the previous series. The camera lens will be placed separately. So that there won’t be any compromise on its aesthetic appeal. And you won’t feel like you are taking pictures with a camera that hasn’t a unique design.

  • Body

It might have an angular body and sleek design rather than previous versions. After all, it’s about looks as well. So that, you feel more elite while holding your phone and taking mirror selfies to show off your phone’s body as well.

  • Camera Upgrade

As, before there was a 108 MP camera in the s22 ultra, but it is expected that the s23 ultra will come with a more upgraded 200 MP camera shooter. So that your pictures and videos look inspiring and visually appealing.  Other lenses would probably be the same but it’s more about the main camera, we all know that.

  • Display 

If you are waiting for the s23 to be in your possession then it won’t be a boring decision because it comes with a high resolution of full HD of 1440x3088 pixels to provide you with full enjoyment without losing a single pixel. It is as Samsung knows to make its customers fall in love with its products.

  • Battery Upgrade

Talking about the battery optimization upgrade in the s23 series, it’s always a piece of good news to hear. Samsung galaxy series kept its tradition of best battery life providing 200 mAh battery upgrades respectively by 3900, and 4700 mAh in s23 and s23+ while the s23 ultra remains at 5000mAh matching the s22 ultra. 

  • Light Mode

In the older series, there wasn’t an option for light mode in the battery saving feature but the s23 comes with a battery saving mode named light mode similar to the Samsung galaxy z flip 4. So that you can save energy by optimizing the battery life of your s23. 

  • Satellite Connectivity

Other than that Samsung’s new galaxy s23 series is expected to come with satellite connectivity which is a revolutionary concept in the android phone world. Making your phone more reachable and giving it a wider scope of approach to other things.

  • OS Upgrade

The S22 may be upgraded to Android 13 and One UI 5, while the S23 is expected to support Android 13 and One UI 5.1, both of which will improve the performance of your phone.

  • Processor Upgrade

If you want to get more excited then keep in mind s23 is going to eliminate Exynos by adopting Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 on a global scale. And have expertly built using the greatest AI for a remarkable experience.

Get Screen Protector And Case For S23 Series:

If you are willing to get a new phone you must make sure it’s safe from any kind of damage. To make sure of its safety you need to use accessories like a screen protector and mainly a back case around it. While putting a screen protector, put an alignment bracket on your phone. And then apply the screen protector through it to make sure that it places perfectly on the s23 model.

We have all the screen protectors and back cases for this new series. Each model’s case and screen protectors are the same in quality. That does not mean we are compromising on their material. Add-ons keep your phone looking new for a very long time and are composed of sturdy materials.

Why Do You Need The Accessories?

Let’s assume you have got the new s23 series model and you are using it bare. What if it slips from your hands? Accidents happen all the time and that makes it necessary to use a screen protector and a case on your phone. It surely makes your phone feel less like the first touch. But it’s better to protect it from scratches or even breaking rather than destroying your new phone.

These accessories are very affordable, and you can get them very easily. The clear case does not cover the looks or color of your phone providing protection. And keeping its aesthetics as well. It protects your phone from getting any scratches and preserves its value for the long term. 

A screen protector, however, shields the panel. It's Additionally preventing the phone's screen from being cracked or scratched. It is both scratch and water-resistant. In order to protect the surface of your phone and to maintain it in brand-new condition.

Make The Decision!

Now if you are willing to wait and decided to get the s23 we have amazing products to go for it. Best quality cases and screen protectors to make your phone long-lasting and keep its resale value as new. You should reserve these accessories now and after the launch of the Samsung galaxy s23 series. We'll make your order ready to go.


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