Will iPhone 13 Cases Work with iPhone 14 Series

Will iPhone 13 Cases Work with iPhone 14 Series

Saving money is wonderful, and when purchasing a new iPhone, you may also want to save money on cases. Can the new iPhone 14 Pro Clear Case Series be used with an old iPhone 13 case?

There are new iPhones available, and if you were lucky enough to get one, it's likely that you're now considering how to protect it. That most likely denotes a case, most likely a brand-new case.

You'll probably need a sturdy case in addition to your new iPhone 14. All iPhone 14 versions include a sturdy Ceramic Shield front shell to safeguard your device, but it might not be sufficient to shield it from severe shocks, long drops, and frequent scratches.

However, if you're thinking about saving money, it's worth seeing if it will fit by either reusing an old case for an older model or looking for one of last year's cases.

Sadly, the general response is no. even if it's not always for the same reason. Here is a short rundown.

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Can an iPhone 13 case be used with an iPhone 14?

The dimensions of the iPhone 13 and iPhone 14 are quite similar overall. The thickness difference between the iPhone 14 and iPhone 13—which is the biggest change—is 0.01 inches. Realistically, this variation is not significant enough to generally affect case compatibility.

But there's one more, very little adjustment: this year, Apple slightly changed the position and size of the volume and power buttons. This will make iPhone 13 cases incompatible with the device more so than the changes in dimensions.

Also, the iPhone 14 has a little larger camera module and somewhat thicker camera lens than the iPhone 13. Actually, this won't usually be enough to alter the case's compatibility; it will function, but it won't be ideal.

Simply simply, if you bought an iPhone 14, you should get an iPhone 14 case.


Can the iPhone 14 Pro be used with the iPhone 13 Pro case?


Again, the answer is no, but with the iPhone 14 Pro, the contrast is even more pronounced. You'll see that the new iPhone 14 Pro is a little bit taller. When holding the iPhone, a 1mm difference may not be noticeable. But it may imply that the iPhone 13 Pro cover will not fit the new iPhone 14 Pro.

There are further differences besides this one. You can tell there is a difference in the placement of the cameras if you look at the backs of the two devices. The iPhone 14 Pro will have a larger camera bump measuring 4.17mm as opposed to the existing 3.60mm.

You could believe that squeezing your iPhone 14 Pro into an old cover will fit it just fine. But keep in mind that you got the phone case to protect your iPhone in the first place.. The simple fact is that if you're upgrading to the iPhone 14 Pro, you will need to get a new case.

Will the cover from the iPhone 13 Pro Max fit the iPhone 14 Pro Max?

Nope. An older iPhone 13 Pro Max case will not fit on the iPhone 14 Pro Max. The situation with the iPhone 14 Pro Max is quite similar to that of the iPhone 14 Pro. The iPhone 13 Pro Max and iPhone 14 Pro Max both have the same height. However, the newer model is both narrower and thicker than the older one. Power and volume buttons have been shifted slightly, and the camera bump has been enhanced.

Simply put, if you're upgrading to the iPhone 14 Pro Max, you will unquestionably need to get a new cover.


Purchasing a case designed specifically for your new iPhone is the only way to ensure that it fits inside of it without any gaps or distortions. While you may technically use your iPhone 13 case on the iPhone 14 Pro Clear Case Series without any major problems. It would be wiser to just get a new case for the Pro/Plus models.

You should keep in mind that you don't have to buy a costly case from Apple; other third-party iPhone 14 cases provide like the one from Keeot provide comparable protection at fraction of the price.



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