Why Does Apple Prefer A Silicon Case For Its iPhone 14 Pro?

Why Does Apple Prefer A Silicon Case For Its iPhone 14 Pro?

As we have talked about the main features of the iPhone 14 series in other articles, there are many new features in this series as well.

  1. Cellular Coverage Through Satellite Connectivity

There's an emergency SOS through a satellite that apple provides you with a 2-year free subscription. This helps in a way that if you get caught in some kind of emergency and you don't have a cellular connection near you, the iPhone 14's emergency SOS will connect with the nearest communication point via satellite. It happens in a way that the sim tray is replaced from physical sim to E-sim compatibility that is available in the US only.

  1. Cool New Dynamic Island

iPhone 14 pro and pro max come with a dynamic island replacing the reduced notch. It shrinks and expands according to the notifications. It provides a direct connection with the nearby satellite so that you can access remote locations overall the world without a network.

  1. History’s Biggest iPhone Camera Upgrade

iPhone 14 has broken the barriers of fewer improvements in the camera. In this upgrade, iPhone 14 pro camera comes in 48 megapixels making it worth buying. Plus, it has a 3x telescope in its rear camera.

iPhone 14 camera comes with a lot of improvements but still, iPhone 13 is not that bad. If you are using iPhone 13 pro, we would recommend using it with accessories. You don't need to get iPhone 14 series just because of its camera improvement. But if you haven't bought iPhone 13 yet and are waiting for iPhone 14 series then most welcome, it's a great phone to have in your possession.

iPhone 14 Is A Good Option For Its Performance And Price:

If you want to buy a small display device, get the iPhone 14 pro with 6.1-inch screen size. If you want a large-size device, get the iPhone 14 pro max with a 6.7-inch screen size. iPhone 14 pro and pro max both are beneficial for power users because they come with A 16 chip, always on display, a display island, and a better-quality camera.

Silicon Case Advantages:

Apple always provides silicone covers with its phones and it’s not so surprising. Because iPhone 14 Pro Silicone Case covers are so great and compatible with phones.

iPhone 14 Pro Silicone Case when they were new in the market no one took them seriously. It was just a perfect accessory on the phone because of its bright color and shiny texture and new design to catch the attention. First, they were not used for phone protection as such but just as fancy covers for the phone. For a very long time, they have been in the market for phone protection but now they are becoming more popular and the best option.

One of the reasons is that they fit so well on the phone. Hard cases like plastic and metal are not easy to remove and they do not provide such grip which is not in the favor of phone protection. But the silicon cover provides a tight grip and is very easy to remove and put on the phone. They prevent any type of mishap or misfortune.

Through emerging technology, they are precisely cut to provide flexibility and to cover the phone in the best way possible. This could be the most efficient way to cover your phone back with some style also. They are compatible with the iPhone 14 pro max, iPhone 14 Pro, and iPhone 14 as well as easy to hold and friendly to use. It’s also easy to remove, unlike plastic and metal which are hard to remove from the phone. Hard-to-remove cases could be dangerous for the phone while uncovering them. But you don’t need to worry about silicon cases because they are easy to remove.

Keep Silicon Case Clean:

We don't get credit for a phone if we don't care about the phone. If you want to keep it for the long term, even if it's an expensive phone, don't be careless and use a silicone case to keep your iPhone 14 safe.

Remove Yellowness From Silicon Case:

There are some ways to keep a silicone case from turning yellow: This is a very simple process and you wouldn't need that many products to clean it whether it's soft or hard marks. Follow these techniques in the given sequence:


Use Baking Soda: Baking soda isn’t very helpful in removing the yellowness of the clear case because you are at a phase where UV light has broken your clear case’s chemical bonds.

Whereas To remove the smudge marks you will need a little more bleaching agent like baking soda or isopropyl alcohol.


Use Lemon: Apart from this, you can also use lemon to whiten the phone case again. Take half of the lemon and squeeze its juice into a bowl. Put the phone case in the lemon juice for 1 hour. Then take it out and clean it with a brush and water. Your silicon phone case will be white again.

Use Vinegar: Apart from that, there is another way. You should take two cups of vinegar and water and keep the case in the solution for half an hour. Take it out and dry.


If you choose our iPhone 14 Pro Silicone Case, you will either clutter your phone's style or keep it new. A clean look reflects your style and also saves you from spending a lot of money and damaging your phone. Silicone cases are durable and last for a very long time, so we recommend you buy our silicone case. Different ranges and different sizes are available. You will never be disappointed by the silicone cover. Must try them. In short, this is the best option, go buy it now and you will never regret it.

On the other hand, we also provide many other accessories to keep your phone completely shielded from any kind of damage. Use a screen protector to keep the screen of the iPhone 14 pro clean and scratch-free. Use a camera lens protector to shield the amazing camera of the iPhone 14 pro.


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