Why Do You Need To Change iPhone 14 Plus Clear Case

Why Do You Need To Change iPhone 14 Plus Clear Case

Find The Best Clear Cases For iPhone 14 Plus!

Changing the iPhone 14 plus clear case mostly depends on if you have changed your phone or on what kind of case you use. Some people keep changing phone cases to change their style.

Your preferences also matter a lot because if you look more at style and beauty, then it will be easy to change the case soon. Apart from this, if you keep in mind the extra protection, then more long-term cases will work.

Usually, people use iPhone 14 plus clear case, but they keep changing them because their color turns yellow due to UV light. And the yellow-brownish phone case makes even a new phone look old and damaged.

Reasons To Change A Clear Phone Case:

There are many reasons to make a change and we'll discuss more of them below.


Cases go from bad to worse over some time or lose their color. Because they have been protecting the phone from all those scratches, bumps, and drops for a long time, they are tolerating it. Is it any wonder that they wear out after a while and start showing stains? A damaged case can also scratch your phone and drop protection won't be that great either. That's why it is better to buy a new clear case for iPhone 14 plus as soon as the case is damaged.

New Phone

Sometimes even if you want to change the phone, buying the case along with it is an essential part. Because the design of every phone is different from the other. Even cases from different models of the same series do not fit on top of each other. There are some very rare models that are compatible with the iPhone for each other but most are not. But if you have got a new iPhone 14 which is the latest series of Apple, make sure to put a new clear case for iPhone 14 plus with it. So that your phone looks like new and also gets the desired protection.

Better Grip

Due to the long-term use of the clear case, its surface grip gradually wears off. Its surface becomes smooth and slippery because daily sweat, skin oil, dirt, and dust have been kept rubbing on it. If there is no proper grip on the phone case, then it easily slips out of the hand and there can be possible damage to the phone. You should get a new clear case whenever the phone case gets a bit old. A clear case for iPhone 14 plus whose grip is stronger and lasts longer. So that you can use your phone while walking or sitting with confidence.


Phone cases are mostly made of silicone material and turn yellow due to UV rays. Originally, the blue resin is added to the original yellow silicone. Its color becomes transparent while manufacturing a clear silicon case. What happens is that the sun's UV rays break down the chemical bonds in the silicon, thus turning its color back to yellow. Whenever this happens, buy a new case that shows the phone clearly and its original color. We recommend using a TPU-made clear case with Clear Case Anti Yellow Technology which will give you a clear display of the phone for a long time. It will also provide extra protection to your phone.

Choose The Right Clear Case For iPhone 14 Plus:

Choosing a phone case can be quite panicky because everyone says that their phone cases are the best. But you should keep a few things in mind whenever you buy a phone case.

Phone Size

First of all, see what the size of your phone is. You need the best 6.1-inch phone case for iPhone 14. Because its dimensions are very large with a 6.1-inch screen. If you have an iPhone 14 Pro, then the size will remain the same for that too but the design will change. But for the iPhone 14 Plus, you get a screen size of 6.68 inches, for this, you need a clear case of its specific size. On the other hand, the size of the iPhone 14 Pro Max is 6.69 inches, which is close to the iPhone 14 Plus, but still, you will have to get the size of the iPhone 14 clear case separately for both.

Protection Type

If your focus is primarily on protection, then keep some features in mind. These features complete the security of your phone. Let's have a look at these:

The best iPhone 14 plus clear case that comes should have the features of the following protection.

  • Military-Grade Protection: It is one test that conventional cases just can't pass. But the best protective cases pass the test and are best for those who work in harsh environments.
  • Dustproof: Your phone case should be completely attached to the phone so that the dirt does not enter inside. Because dirt is piling up in their corners and will become permanent marks and stains.
  • Drop Proof: Your phone case should be drop-protected from 3-7 feet. Because this protection level saves the phone from drop damage.
  • Shock Proof: Shockproof clear cases come with hybrid or air guard corners which protect your phone from drop damage. They do not allow your phone to fall damaged and absorb the shock by transferring it to their layers.
  • Waterproof: Some cases come with a waterproof jacket that covers the ports and buttons as well so that your phone is protected from water. We all know how dangerous water is for your phone.

MagSafe Compatible:

Apart from this, you would like to get a case with your new iPhone 14 which is MagSafe compatible a clear case for iPhone 14 plus. Many cases now come this way, some cases already come with the MagSafe ring. Because the iPhone 14 supports wireless charging, so why not take advantage of charging as well as protection?


iPhone 14 plus clear case is essential for the protection of a phone not only from drops and falls but also from daily scratches. It also shields your phone from UV radiation, preventing any solar heat rays from damaging the rear of the phone. If you also need the protection of your exciting new iPhone 14 plus, then we recommend that you buy the clear case from KEEOT.


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