Best clear cases for iPhone 14 pro max

Best clear cases for iPhone 14 pro max

You have recently got your new iPhone 14 Pro and flaunted it stylishly with a protective case. But then after a few weeks, it started to look yellow. 

Reasons Why Phone Case Turns Yellow:

There are many reasons why a phone case turns yellow but the most important one is heat exposure.

  • Germs Exposure

According to research, a phone case has way more germs than a public bathroom. Because of its soft surface, it becomes a habitat for germs. And as a result, even a best clear cases for iphone 14 pro max gets discolored quickly.

  • Heat Exposure

Often we see that the phone case turns yellow if you spend most of your time outside the house. Then it can be an environment where heat exposure is high. This is a natural process in which UV rays break the chemical bonds of the clear case and as a result, the color of the phone case changes. The makers add blue dye to it so that its color becomes transparent and clear.

  • Natural Oils From Skin

The second biggest reason that causes the yellowing of the phone case is the natural oils of the skin. We spend our whole time holding the phone. Heat causes natural oils to be released from our skin, which is then applied to the phone case. These oils come out of our hands, they are also present in sweat and when a case comes in contact with sweat and oil continuously or repeatedly, then they turn the color of the phone case yellow. Sweaty hands because plastic cases are not chemical resistant. Often we are using the phone even while eating food and that too results in discoloration.

Why does Silicone Turn Yellow Most Often?

In addition, the silicone case is more exposed to discoloration due to its molecule structure. Whereas other materials such as plastic cases do not turn yellow too soon. The silicone case is constructed of an extremely soft and reasonably priced polymer. Polymers tend to discolor over time due to their material degradation.

It is also affordable, so it does not cause much harm if it turns yellow after a short period. You can buy a new case at a cheap price, and it comes with every mobile phone with boxing. People use silicone case most often because it is very compatible and their benefits outweigh their disadvantages. 

  • UV Rays

The sun's UV rays are a major reason why the discoloration of a silicone phone case occurs. If you come in contact with light or spend most of your time in the sun, then obviously your phone is also with you. UV rays, through the process of oxidation, attack your phone case’s chemical bonds and turn it yellow. Apart from this, there is polymer degradation that occurs in a hot environment or humidity. Now you have an idea of the things that makes a transparent phone case turns yellow. Now we will also tell you that technique which will remove the yellowness from your best clear cases for iphone 14 pro max if it has turned yellow.

  • Remove Yellowness

The easiest technique to remove yellowness is to make a solution of liquid soap and water. Then with a soft bristle toothbrush, start cleaning the phone case in gentle circular motions. Take care of one thing, whenever the phone case should be cleaned. Separate the phone from the phone case. Do not allow water damage to the phone.

While cleaning, take care of this thing also, clean the corners and edges of the phone case thoroughly. This method will not eliminate the yellowing of your phone but will delay it. Because it removes dust, oil or lotion, etc. which often discolor the phone case. Use vinegar, baking soda, and lemon solvents as they work best to remove yellowness from a phone case. We have managed a complete article on how to remove yellowness from cases in which we have given the best tricks to turn a yellow case into clear again.

  • Keep Your Phone Safe

Whatever chemical or solvent you clean your phone case with, always make sure you use the right cleaning method. Your phone shouldn't be harmed by moisture as long as you keep it out of water and solvent. Take the phone case apart and put the phone in a safe place. It should not happen that while cleaning the phone case, you damage the phone itself with water.

Different Techniques For Different Materials:

Plastic phone cases, rubber phone cases, and silicone phone cases, the cleaning method of all is not the same. The cleaning method of some is different or the cleaning agent of some is different. Some can be cleaned with alcohol wipes or some can be cleaned with just water and soap solution while some can be cleaned with baking soda. Baking soda and rubbing alcohol are better options for cleaning off permanent marker stains most of the time.

Do All Clear Phone Cases Become Yellow?

If you are wondering whether all transparent phone cases turn yellow then it is not so at all. The materials used to make phone cases vary. The crystal clear case made of TPU for iPhone 14 pro is basically a good quality case. As you know, heat exposure is the reason for the yellowing of phone cases, so TPU. Which is called thermoplastic urethane, is made of heat-resistant material. And protects the phone case from yellowing.  One of its identity is that it is more transparent than silicone or plastic case. The better quality thermoplastic urethane used, the more protection it will provide to the phone case from the sun's UV light.


So we recommend our Crystal Clear Case for iPhone 14 Pro Max which comes with Anti Yellow Technology to keep your phone shining bright. If you are not sure then try using the first product for free and tell us how you liked this product!


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