Top Reasons To Get iPhone 14: Everything To Know About iPhone 14s Camera

Top Reasons To Get iPhone 14: Everything To Know About iPhone 14s Camera

Our current main objective is to track down every modification that has been made to the iPhone camera in this new series, rather than talking about the technical improvements of the iPhone 14.

Camera Upgrade In iPhone 14

As in previous versions, there was an upgrade of 2 megapixels from the iPhone 6s to the 13 series. But now it jumped from twelve megapixels to a huge forty-eight megapixels. The other key features of iPhone 14's camera are the ultra-wide and the main iPhone 14 camera protector lens. The image quality has been improved very much.

The iPhone screen's cutout on its front was a notch and in this series. They replaced it with a dynamic island. As we all know the notch wasn't much of a useful thing in the iPhone and they made a very good decision to replace it with something very useful. It is a sensor in the shape of a small capsule.


First of all, this ultra-wide camera comes with a large sensor, an appealing design, and great IOS sensitivity. Although they have taken a step back as the aperture is smaller while the sensor is larger. By doing that they balanced the deficiency of the aperture. Ultra-wide lenses are very famous for their sharpness because they have to capture a larger image with minimum noise.

 The fact that the lens is composed of glass causes it to refract light, which separates the colors. This results in a sharper image. When the lens view is wider, it's very challenging for it to capture a sharp image. And in iPhone 14 pro with an ultra-wide camera, Apple has made an upgrade for its sharpness and ultra-wide feature that is too good to be true.

Lowlight Performance

Talking about the lowlight in iPhone 14's camera after so many tests its performance has been well honored. Apple has used larger sensors in iPhone 14. Also, its new photonic engine processor provides 10x times greater performance in low light. If you enable night mode iPhone 13 pro and iPhone 14 pro's processing is kind of similar. But if you still want a better-quality image then choose iPhone 14 because it is better in low light. Plain-colored areas provide more luminous noise in low light and give more details. Orange white balance is more interesting in this phone and gives better highlights. In video exposure, there's sometimes instability that causes the video to be rough but in iPhone 14 pro, video quality is more smooth.

Comparison Of Lowlights With The Previous Version

If we talk about the low light and light mode, iPhone 14 pro comes with better image processing so it can improve your low light shots. Combined with a larger sensor, you can definitely see the stark difference between the photos taken on both phones. If you take photos at dusk or dawn,  with iPhone 13 pro and iPhone 14 pro, you will see the enhanced lines. Overall look would be much better on the iPhone 14.

The low light feature on the iPhone 14 pro shows better noise reduction too.  It is better at highlighting and defining shadows now. The older phone does not have these features. For the night shot mode, both the phones use the same exposure time ranges which are 1, 2, and 3 seconds depending on the light and other factors. iPhone 14 gives more enhanced photos with a wide balance compared to the iPhone 13.

Front Shooter

The main upgrade in this phone is to notice that in previous versions regarding their front camera. Their shooter was not that good but in iPhone 14, there's a big upgrade in its front shooter that you can tell the difference from a first view. iPhone 14 pro's shots are sharp and vast compared with previous versions. Vast means it has a wider scope and you can capture more landscape in your pictures through iPhone 14 because its dynamic range and detailed photos make it worth having. Cameras of the iPhone’s older versions could not capture a good quality image or video in difficult light like if there is low light or behind the object. If this kind of challenging situation happens with iPhone 14, the picture and video would show a significant amount of change in both software processing and the hardware.

Removed Extra Notch

Talking about new features, Apple iPhone 14s review: Camera, Photo Quality has removed an annoying feature that did not really serve any real purpose. The extra notch has been removed. And replaced with a dynamic island pill-shaped area that serves well for the true depth of the front camera. That primarily serves as a selfie and face ID. Apple has turned a useless feature into a useful element. There are a number of apps that do not support this feature as of yet. But you can see animations when you unlock your phone, and you can also unlock apps with your face ID. It is also useful when you unlock your phone while you are listening to music. It has quite a lot of features.


With the best features and top-quality results in both pictures and videos, a Apple iPhone 14s review: Camera, Photo Quality is the only thing left to preserve such an amazing tool. We have the best quality iPhone 14 camera protector lens. That doesn’t affect its quality and keeps it safe in case of any accidental fall. Sometimes while taking selfies or making videos our phone falls or slips through our hands. But with a camera lens protector, you don’t need to worry about losing such a beautiful feature that preserves your memories.


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