Tips To Increase The Life Of Your Samsung Galaxy S23

Tips To Increase The Life Of Your Samsung Galaxy S23

An average person spends 960 minutes on their phone, which is 2/3 of the day. It’s still less than those people who do their business on the phone, they spend almost the whole day checking the phone. This device has become such an important part of our daily life. That now there is hardly any person who would live without the phone. But the matter is not how much time we spend on it. The matter is how much they invest in it.

Samsung S23:

Smartphones are used for every big and small thing in our lives. But they also make us spend a lot.  It is important to think of extending its life by spending less. People tend to buy new and the latest versions of phones as the company is claiming huge changes in its new device.

People leave the previous version as soon as every new series arrives. But now there is not much room for change in the new upcoming series. Because the old version’s high-end phone and the new series’ mid-range phone remain the same. Is it better to maintain your old high-end phone. And extend its life instead of buying a new phone which costs a lot of money and is of no extra worth? If you want to get the most out of the cost of your phone, then adopt the following techniques to extend the life of the phone.

With the tricks that we are going to tell you, the life of your phone will be unexpectedly longer.

  • Keep It Away From Moisture

Even if you are using a phone case that protects your phone from moisture. You should still keep your phone away from moisture. Because the phone case does not cover the ports and water due to its liquid quality, seeps inside through the ports resulting in either burning out of the phone's battery or damaging the phone's panel.

Water is the enemy of smartphones. Never keep it in such a place where there is a chance of moisture going inside the phone. Avoid any kind of water damage by not using the phone while swimming or in the bathroom. Take care of one thing, whenever you use the phone, make sure that your hands are not wet. Even if there is water damage, do not use the phone immediately, you should take it to an expert and get it repaired first.

  • Keep It Away From Heat

According to reports, the phone's battery exploded or overheated to the point where it burned. From this, you have got an idea of how dangerous heat is for the phone. If your phone stays in a very hot environment for a long time, then its battery can get damaged. Avoid keeping it in a place where it is getting direct heat exposure.

  • Clean It Regularly

If you want to increase the life of your phone, then take care of its cleanliness. Mostly we take care of ourselves but do not use our things with such care.  So obviously you won't look very charming if your stuff looks worn out. It is not only a matter of your personality but also of the life of the phone.

If you clean it regularly then you are also increasing the life of the phone. Whenever you start cleaning the phone, switch it off for its safety and use an alcohol pad as it is the best option to clean the phone. Lightly dampen a wad of soft cloth with rubbing alcohol. Then gently, using circular motions, clean all sides. Remember don't use water as it can damage your phone. Avoid using too much-wet cloth. Use a damp cloth.

  • Handle It With Care

A phone is necessary these days but it comes at a very high price and we know that you cannot afford a new Samsung galaxy s23 again and again.Often, while taking selfies, making calls, or using it with one hand, the mobile slips out of our hands and causes unbearable damage to it. You should use protective accessories on your phone and use them with care. Use those kinds of accessories that provide a better grip or prevent the s23 ultra from slipping.

  • Use A Hybrid Case

For drop protection of your phone, use a case that is shock absorbent. It is better to use a hybrid case for this because its double-layer technology protects the phone from damage in any way. Mobile cases not only protect the phone, but they themselves tolerate every damage that the phone was going to, due to falling.

  • Use 9H Hardened Screen Protector

To avoid any kind of scratches or breakage on your latest Samsung galaxy s23 series, use a tempered glass screen protector on the screen of your phone. Due to its multi-layered glass material and 9H hardened surface, this will also protect Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra from scratches or any drop damages.

  • Don't Download Unnecessary Content

Apart from this, to keep the internal functionality from deteriorating or to maintain the performance of your phone, regularly remove junk from it. Things are frequently downloaded, and sometimes viruses are downloaded along with them that damage the phone's operation or even steal data. To avoid situations like this, avoid downloading any pointless programs or links because they may be a trap placed by hackers.They not only spoil the performance of your phone but also take up extra space in your phone.

  • Do Not Use It While Charging

You must have heard that do not use the phone while charging. This statement is absolutely true, but you would not know the reason for it. One of the reasons for this is that if your Samsung Galaxy S23 ultra is consuming energy at the same time and you are providing energy to it, it is clear that the charging will be very slow.

They slowly spoil the battery before time. Apart from this, due to excessive use, the phone can get hot, and any kind of accident can happen. So, avoid using the phone while charging to extend its life.


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