Prevent Scratches From A Clear Case: Keep iPhone 14 Pro’s Case As New!

Prevent Scratches From A Clear Case: Keep iPhone 14 Pro’s Case As New!

A clear case often gets scratched and looks weary and teary. Because we do not use it carefully and mostly it happens. We put our phone on a flat firm surface. If it comes to safety, then there should be no compromise on it. It is a wise decision to use silicone or a clear case because they provide ultimate protection to your iPhone 14 pro.

Removing scratches from a phone case may seem like a bit of a headache. Do not worry. We'll save you from hard work, so we're going to give you some tips and tricks. That you can use to save your phone's case well.

How To Avoid Scratches On A Clear Case?

Scratches on top of a clean phone case are just a few things you should know how to avoid.


  1. Use A Clear Case With Corner Bumps:

When you put your phone on a firm surface it is completely in touch with that surface. iPhone 14 pro max covers cases with corner bumps does not leave any marks on the surface. Apart from this, it also has many other benefits, the most of which is that using it saves you from any phone drop damage. It also protects your phone from getting any moisture inside.


  1. Use A Ring Holder:

If you use a ring holder with your phone case, it creates a space between the surface. The phone where you are putting your iPhone 14 pro. It also provides a better grip as a ring holder on your finger to avoid dropping the phone.


  1. Avoid Contact With Sharp Objects:

Keep your phone away from metal objects that don't have a soft rubber coating on top of their sharp ends. Most of these metals are keys, coins, pens, etc. When we keep the phone in our pocket, where we have put our keys and coins already, then the surface of the phone is to be scratched for sure. This can lead from as small as a tiny scratch to as huge as a screen breaking. If you throw your phone carelessly in your pocket or purse, your phone screen can break. Protect your phone from such severe damage; otherwise, the case that is sitting on top of your phone will sustain harm. Also, it will appear to have been in use for a while.


  1. Clean It Regularly:

If the dust goes inside the cover, it can be in the corner for a long time. Then there is a risk of permanent marks not only on the Clear Case for iPhone 14 Pro Max  but also on the phone’s surface. Cleaning each corner with a towel dipped in soap, alcohol, etc. Make sure not to use harsh material on top of the case as it can lead to more scratches than before. Regularly cleaning the phone case can remove the scratches that are already on it.


  1. Use An Anti-Yellow Coating Case:

The phone case is not scratched but discolored. It means that the matter is not just on the surface, but it goes to the chemical bonds. Why, You say, that a clear case turns yellow. It’s a natural process in which too much UV light can break the chemical bonds of the silicon resulting in the discoloration of the clear case.

Even if you keep cleaning a clear case that has turned yellow with soap and water from time to time, it will not remove the yellowness. It breaks the chemical bonds of the phone case material and makes it harder to clean. You should use a clear case that has an anti-yellow coating on it.


What Causes The Scratches On A Clear Case?

What happens is that clear cases can easily get dust marks if we live in a tough environment and work in dusty areas. Some small particles in the air collect between the corners of the phone case and the phone. It is a bit difficult to clean because of its curved shape, and ultimately, due to friction, it causes scratches on the surface of the phone.

Especially speaking, the ones that are not transparent cases are made of silicone and it becomes difficult to read the mark because their surface is not visible but in the case of transparent cases scratch marks are easy to notice. Now if your phone got a scratch it does not mean that the quality of the phone case was bad or that we have compromised on the security. It means that the phone case is fulfilling its purpose. This means your Clear Case for iPhone 14 Pro Max  is acting as a shield and protecting your phone from any damage.


Remove Scratches By Simple Tips And Tricks:

If you have ever used a clear case and it gets scratched, you won't have to buy it again anymore. With the above methods, you can remove the scratches from it. There will be no marks on it anymore and it will be as new as the first day. You should read our article where we tell you how to clean the clear case and how to remove the scratches on it. If you have been using a cover for a long time or if your phone case started to look worn out. We have some tricks up our sleeves to make it as new as it once was. If you have decided to get a case for your phone, we have three types of cases.


3 Types Of Cases Are Available For iPhone 14 Series:

Clear Case:

First of all, there is the Clear Case. This clear case's ultra-slim design protects your phone from any scratches on its back side. It is a tried and tested product and we have gone through a lot of tests for you. Made of material that not only provides ultimate protection to the phone but also enhances its looks.

Hybrid Case:

In addition to clear cases, we also have a double-layer hybrid case. Due to its double layer, it provides more protection to your phone because the top material is tough and protects your phone from any drop. Apart from that, its inner layer is made of silicone material to prevent scratches when your phone is dropped.

Silicone Case:

We also provide the best quality Clear Case for iPhone 14 Pro Max  made of very soft liquid silicone and not only does it keep your phone safe but looks stylish as well. It also provides flexibility and is easy to remove and put on your phone.


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