Keep Your Silicon Phone Case As New As Day 1

Keep Your Silicon Phone Case As New As Day 1

Every time you buy an accessory for the protection of your Samsung Galaxy s23 ultra, it enhances its looks as well. But my question is, how to keep phone cases that are made of silicon material clean? How should a phone case be kept clean and tidy. So that you can use it for a long time and you don't have to spend money again and again?

People will consider you to be a clean and tidy person if you keep your phone case clean as well. A phone case has such a surface that it can easily harbor bacteria and is an invitation to infections. We have to touch our phone directly with our hand. When we eat food etc., we are often using the phone while eating. So when we are holding the phone the germs on its case also go inside our bodies.

  • Remove Stains From The Silicon Case:

Now the issue comes with how you keep the phone case clean, whether you have to wash it or clean it with a disinfectant wipe or you have to clean it with an alcohol pad or simple water. In this article, we will tell you all the instructions on how you can keep your silicone phone case clean.

1st Step

First of all, take warm water, soap, and a soft cloth with you. Take one part of water and two parts of liquid soap and mix until you see bubbles.

2nd Step

While the water is lukewarm, dip a clean, dry toothbrush in the water and gently scrub it on a silicon phone case in a circular motion. Put the toothbrush in the mixture again and again with the steps to remove the dirt wherever you see it on the phone case.

3rd Step

If there are traces of dirt on the silicon case that is very hard and won't come off, you can sprinkle a little bit of baking soda on it and it will be easier to remove the stains. The silicon case's edges and corners should also be thoroughly wiped.

4rth Step

After eradicating all stains, properly clean the silicon casing with clean water to get rid of any chemicals and soap. Take a look at it from all sides, and do not leave any traces of dust on the case.

5th Step

Dry it with a clean dry cloth so that no moisture remains inside. Do not put a wet silicon case on your phone as moisture can get inside the ports. A silicone case is very good, but sometimes it starts to turn yellow.

Why Does The Silicone Cover Turn Yellow?

Whenever your phone case starts to turn yellow, it means that it has reached its limit. It is a natural process when ultraviolet (UV) heat causes the chemical bonds of silicone to break. That will break its chemical bonds quickly and it will turn yellow.

  • Remove Yellowness From The Phone Case:

If your phone cover has turned yellow and you want to whiten it again and you don't want to buy a new one, we also have tips on how to whiten a silicone cover again. And there are very easy steps to remove yellowness.

Following these tips will make your phone new again.

Some bleaching agents also remove the yellowness from the case and most dust particles that have left a mark on your phone cover .If there are, the surface of your cover will be cleaned with a whitening agent like baking soda, or bleach.

Use Bleach

First of all, you should have bleach with you. Take your phone case off your phone. And put two cups of water, not boiling, but lukewarm water, in a bowl, and put a spoonful of bleach in it.

Avoid direct contact with the bleach. For that, wear gloves, so that your hands do not effect by the chemicals of bleach. Then take the silicone case and put it in bleached water for 20 minutes and you will know when the case is white again. Remove the case from the solution and gently clean it with soap and water and dry it completely.

Baking Soda

One more thing people ask, can you use baking soda as a bleaching agent? Yes, you can, but in case of very mild yellowness. Make a paste of it with water and rub it on the silicon case in a circular motion until the case’s color will start to change. Then, when the color is clear, wash it once with soapy water. And Try it again f there is any yellowness left.

Use Toothpaste

There is another method that you may have seen from Tik Tok and has gone viral. Using toothpaste to whiten the cover. Cover the case with a good amount of toothpaste and start rubbing it with a brush. Take off the toothpaste from your cover and use a paint remover thinner or you can also use alcohol with which you can scrub it well with a sponge. Wash it off with water.

Use Rubbing Alcohol

If your Silicone Phone Case gets permanent stains, we have the tip to remove that too. Usually, permanent marker stains don't come off from the case with water or soap. But when you wipe it off with alcohol, the marker ink dissolves, and you just have to rub it off with pressure to remove it completely. Rubbing alcohol is readily available in the market.

  • Remove Scratches From The Phone Case:

If your phone has scratch marks, you will find this tip on how to remove them. Sometimes when we are working in tough conditions or our phone keeps falling. We keep the case on plain surfaces. Silicone Phone Case gets scratched. The best option is to blow on a silicon case with a hair dryer. And do it without any hot air getting in your phone.


Overall, we would recommend you get our silicone case from us so you don't have to put in as much effort. The phone case we have is composed of excellent materials. And it also comes with an Anti-yellow coating.


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