iPhone 14 Pro Camera: Is It Better than iPhone 13?

iPhone 14 Pro Camera: Is It Better than iPhone 13?

After the launch of the iPhone 14 Pro Cameras, the first question to come up is whether iPhone 14 is better than the iPhone 13 or is this just a new phone with a higher price and the same features?

iPhone 14 does have an improved camera and enhanced performance features. It has a 48mp main wide camera and a new image processing technique of the Apple company, also known as the photonic engine. These are some of the main features that automatically make the iPhone 14 superior to the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 pro max.

Another thing that comes up is whether these features are even useful or they're just fancy lingo to define the same old things. We compared both, the iPhone 13 and iPhone 14 to figure this out. We compared the cameras of both by taking pictures on both iPhone 14 and iPhone 13 pro max, which are both working on IOS 16 version. You can further analyze other features of these two iPhones and compare them. The iPhone 14 camera comes with better quality than the other camera.

48 Mp Main Camera:

  • The 48 MP sensor of the iPhone 14 pro that is also known as the main wide camera is physically bigger than the previous iPhone 13 model.
  • You can notice a change in the photo quality of both phones as well. iPhone 14 shows the maximum change from the previous phones in the whole series since the 6s.
  • It's nearly groundbreaking progress that it's offered with a 48mp camera.
  • In addition, the iPhone uses pixel-binding techniques. iPhone 14 pro binds 4 different available pixels together to build a picture with maximum details, even when taking a 4 MP photo.
  • You can use 48mp quality which happens to be the raw format of this phone, or you can switch to different settings.
  • It gives maximum flexibility to a photographer by leaving room for editing, cropping, and basically any kind of change.
  • It is the golden ticket to the best photography results.

12 MP Shooter:

  • 12 MP camera quality is similar in both phones, at least on reduced magnification.
  • If you really want to experience the difference in picture quality of both these phones, you'd better take a look at the image sensors.
  • The iPhone 14 shows clearer image quality is better as compared to the iPhone 13.
  • iPhone 14 shows better, sharper raw images as compared to iPhone 13 pro.
  • Delicate details like grass and lines come with better and higher resolution on the newer model.
  • Even the 12mp camera provides amazing results in well-lit spaces.
  • You can clearly see the difference between the two if compare their full-resolution pictures.
  • iPhone 14 pro camera lens has a wider field of view.
  • It has a 26mm view as compared to the 24mm view of the iPhone 13.
  • You can cover a greater area with iPhone 14 than with 13.
  • It may not seem like much but it is a seriously powerful feature in landscape photography.

Optical Zoom:

  • Another thing to be considered when comparing cameras is the closeup feature.
  • iPhone 14 Pro is available with 2x zoom and the 48mp sensor can show great results in 12mp in 2x zoom.
  • You will see a new 2x option on the camera interface, which can crop at any resolution and give you an image at a more flexible focal length.
  • You don't have to use a 4th camera lens for this feature. iPhone 13 pro can also do this but the quality isn't as good as iPhone 14. It does not cover as many details either.
  • iPhone 14 2x zoom helps with the portrait mode as well.
  • It comes with 1x and 3x options like the previous phones but now you can take 2x mode portraits.
  • It shows more natural-looking results of the photos.
  • It's more flattering to the facial features as well.
  • 1x shows a wider look and 3x shows a zoom-in perspective, while 2x times gives the best results.

Action Mode:

  • Both the iPhone 14 and iPhone 13 can shoot up to 60 fp.
  • Video effects may be the same if one shoots a film on iPhone 13 or iPhone 14 from the back camera.
  • iPhone 14 has some extra features like an action mood. It’s like an extra lens that connects to your phone and gives you the best and smooth result.
  • The results are smooth and you don’t need to use the extra soft editor to give a smooth effect.
  • iPhone 13 and iPhone 14 both are shooting in six camos.
  • Action mode focuses on the right picture and blurs the extra pictures. It lowers the resolution from 2.4k to 2.8k.
  • If you are on the super mood action the results are amazing in both iPhone 13 and iPhone 14.

Low Light

  • Other than an excellent 48 megapixel, if you want to enhance the quality of your pictures and videos it comes with better low-light performance.
  • Low light performance was also good in 13 Pro.
  • iPhone 14 pro's focus is very accurate and its speed is good.
  • Other than that it provides better color distinction and exposure.
  • It gives a realistic effect in pictures if you are taking pictures in portrait mode.
  • It also gives a preview image before the actual capture and the quality of the video is very improved.
  • It covers a more dynamic range than iPhone 13.
  • Its video stabilization is also good in the case of moving objects.
  • It comes with an action mode that enhances the picture and video quality.
  • Its intense mode gives more details and if your mobile is moving it still gives better results than previous versions.
  • The autofocus of the video gives smooth and sharp videos in low light.


Overall iPhone 14 pro's camera is better than iPhone 13 pro. So it's not a tough decision to determine which one is the best. Protect your iPhone 14 or iPhone 13’s camera with our camera lens protector. We offer great deals for your iPhone 14 pro clear case and we also provide individual iPhone 14 Pro  accessories so that you can enjoy your phone for a long time.


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